Satellite Strategy for Winning Aussie Millions Seats

Online poker satellites are very similar to normal multi-table tournaments... for the most part. The key differences come in the decision making around the bubble stage, so to give yourself the best chance at winning an Aussie Millions satellite be sure to read on!

When you set out to play an Aussie Millions satellite, the first thing is to look at is the structure of the event. If you’re playing online Aussie Millions satellites at PokerStars, there are a number of different formats including rebuys, turbos, hyper-turbos, 2x and 3x turbos. These all play very differently, so it’s important you have a game plan in mind before you get involved in the turbo-charged rebuy madness.

Don’t jump into a rebuy tournament that is above your bankroll. Some of the rebuy Aussie Millions satellites have very long rebuy periods where it’s crucial to reach the sizable add-on period. If you don’t have an abundance of bullets to spend in rebuys to make sure you can reach the add-on, then it’s not worth playing the Aussie Millions satellite at all. We’ll have more specific advice for these turbo rebuy satellites in a later article.

When the tournament registration or rebuy period closes, you’ll now know what the prize pool is and how many seats are on offer. You’ll also know if there is any cash left over for additional prizes.

The key thing to remember in Aussie Millions satellites is that you don’t have to win the tournament - you only have to survive the bubble.

When play gets close to the bubble in an Aussie Millions satellite, the decision making changes substantially depending on whether you are a big, medium or short stack.

Big stack – As a big stack you have absolutely no reason to do anything silly. You probably could just fold every hand and cruise through the bubble to lock up your seat, and that’s a perfectly sound strategy. However keep in mind that everyone else is trying to do the same. Some big stacks like to stay aggressive and put pressure on the short stacks, but remember that you only need to pressure enough to ensure your own survival. You don’t have to win the tournament when fifth pays the same as first.

Medium stack – You’re in a situation where you have some stacks bigger and some stacks shorter than you. That’s a fine position to be in, but you still need to do some work to maintain the status quo. You want to ensure that you put enough pressure on the short stacks, however you can also play at the big stacks, knowing that they are probably going to fold a lot. Be careful of situations where you are opening light with a short stack yet to act behind you. You don’t want to have to fold to three-bet attacks, otherwise your stack will soon be on the short side!

Short stack – Everyone is looking at you. It’s up to you to make something happen – whether that’s stealing the blinds or finding a much-needed double up. Look for opportunities where a medium stack might be opening light and you can attack with a three-bet shove. They certainly won’t want to risk losing a big pot by doubling you up. Also try to make sure you have fold equity. If you get so short that your shove gets called by three people, it’s going to make it very hard for you to make a comeback.

No matter what your stack size, it’s important that you keep an eye on the progress of everyone around you. Everyone at your table and everyone at the other tables in play. Use the lobby if you’re playing on PokerStars or have a quick wander around the tables if you’re playing live. You need to know where you’re positioned in the field as well as how many eliminations away you are from the bubble, so that you can apply the correct strategy to take calculated risks if you need to.

Good luck and we hope you can win your Aussie Millions seat! Don’t forget that the best online Aussie Millions satellites take place at PokerStars. Be sure to read our PokerStars Review and find out about the best PokerStars bonuses on offer! 


How to win Aussie Millions seats online

Winning an Aussie Millions seat online is easy. All you have to do is sign-up to PokerStars, cash in on their $600 bonus, and start playing online Aussie Millions satellites. For a more a detailed explanation read on and find out how to win an Aussie Millions seat online.

How to win Aussie Millions seats online

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a PokerStars account. If you don’t, you can read our PokerStars Review, and then sign-up to PokerStars, making sure to utilise the $600 sign-up bonus. Once you have an account, login to PokerStars and start your journey to winning an Aussie Millions seat.

The online Aussie Millions satellites can be found under the ‘Events’ tab in the top menu of the tournament lobby. First click on ‘Events’, then click on the ‘APPT’ tab. All satellites for upcoming APPT events will now be shown in the tournament list section of the lobby, including Aussie Millions satellites.

Aussie Millions PokerStars


If you want to filter to show only Aussie Millions satellites and qualifiers, as opposed to all APPT events, then you can write “Aussie Millions” in the tournament filter box.

Aussie Millions PokerStars


There are multiple different types of Aussie Millions online satellites, such as ‘steps’, the ‘Mega Path’ and direct qualifiers including feeder satellites. We will now outline each of these types of Aussie Millions satellites.

Aussie Millions ‘Step’ Satellites

‘Step’ satellites are perhaps the cheapest way to satellite into the Aussie Millions. Basically you play one small buy-in tournament (Step 1) and the winner(s) of that tournament win a Step 2 seat. You then play this tournament and the winners take home a Step 3 ticket. This goes on until the final Step awards and Aussie Millions seat or package! Player can enter any step at any time, simply paying the corresponding buy-in, so it’s great for people of all bankroll sizes.

Aussie Millions ‘Mega Path’ Satellites

The ‘Mega Path’ Aussie Millions satellite is the only way to win an Aussie Millions seat for free! That’s right, free. There are six stages to the Mega Path, with the first five costing just Frequent Player Points (FPPs) to enter and with the fifth awarding a $700 seat into the sixth stage of the Mega Path – which is one of the direct satellites that take place every Sunday, which are outlined in the next section. Like the steps satellites, players can play in any of the Mega Path rounds, they just have to pay the corresponding FPP amount.

Aussie Millions Direct Satellites

The easiest way to win an Aussie Millions seat online is to play a direct qualifier. On PokerStars there are two consistent direct satellites per week and more are added from time to time. There is a $700 qualifier which awards a $10,600 Aussie Millions seat and cash for expenses which runs every Sunday at 6:36pm AEST and there is a $215 buy-in (2 rebuys, 1 add on) satellite which also awards a seat and cash which runs every Tuesday at 8:36pm AEST.  Each of these qualifiers and all other direct satellites that are held feature feeders into them from as little as $1.10 and of course, via the ‘Mega Path’ as outlined above.

More information regarding Aussie Millions online satellites can be found on our Aussie Millions satellite schedule page. Good luck! 

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